February 14, 2020 – Bowmanville, Ontario.  Once again, Toyota has received multiple awards for long term value from two separate organizations, and we couldn’t be happier.

Long term value is a very important consideration when you select a vehicle.  These awards recognize that Toyota vehicles hold their value over the long haul.  To many of our customers that means their Toyota is worth more when it is time to trade it in.  Think of it as a double bonus.  Not only do our customers enjoy a high quality, reliable vehicle during the years they drive it, they can also look forward to a higher value when they are ready for another one.

These awards just reinforce what we tell our customers every day.  Toyota vehicles are truly built to last.  When someone chooses a Toyota for the first time, we know they will be happy with their vehicle.  We also know they will be pleasantly surprised when they are ready to replace it.   See Your Home Team today to see our new Toyota line-up.

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