September 23, 2020 – Bowmanville, Ontario.  Introducing Rida Haider, the newest member of Your Home Team.  After growing up in Ajax, she went on to graduate from York University with a major in Psychology.

You may ask, how does someone with an arts degree end up in the automotive business?  Her answer is the “business chose her” over 10 years ago.  When you work with customers to help them find the exact right vehicle, you are helping them to fulfill an important goal.  Rida points out that taking delivery of a new vehicle is one of the happiest moments in anyone’s life.  She loves sharing that joy.  More importantly, that relationship does not end on delivery day.  Many of her clients have stayed in touch with her over the years.  It is like having a wide circle of friends.

Naturally, confidence in the product is especially important to her.  She knows her customers (and friends) will love Toyota.  It made joining Your Home Team an easy choice in her words; “a dealership that is run and encompassed by honest and hardworking people”.

In her off hours she enjoys time outdoors, taking frequent road trips throughout the year to enjoy the changing seasons.  At home, she enjoys walking with her new puppy and is not above an occasional indulgence from Skylight Donuts, a little too conveniently located just around the corner.

We are incredibly happy to have her with us.  You can reach Rida to say hi and welcome: or call 905-697-9555.