Bowmanville, August 8, 2022 – Please welcome Joseph Ledgister, the newest member of Your Home Team.  From the moment you meet Joseph, he makes you feel at ease.  That warm smile combined with an easy-going manner and sense of humour conveys positive energy.  Either way, you can’t help but notice that the man knows how to dress.  This is not surprising when you learn that he spent many years in the men’s clothing business.  That keen style sense never leaves.

After growing up in Mississauga and Brampton, he and his family have made their home in Courtice. He points out that it’s just 11 minutes from Bowmanville.

“It’s the perfect commute, with no traffic”, he says with a grin.

So why work in the car business? He loves all things automotive. Combined with his deep interest in helping others, it is the perfect mix of career path and life purpose.  Even in his spare time, between playing sports and the gym, he makes the time to mentor others in his community.  Did we mention he likes to give back?

Best of all, he calls Clarington Toyota “a family away from home”.  We are proud to have him join our family.  Please welcome him when you have a chance.  You can reach Joseph at 905-697-9555, or by email