The Advantages of Leasing

Advantage of leasing

Why Not Lease Your Next Toyota?

Take a Look at the Advantages of Leasing.

A New Toyota More Often

Who doesn’t like that new car smell?  With leasing you can enjoy a new Toyota every 3-5 years depending on your needs.  We offer lease terms up to 60 months on all new Toyota models.  While most customers choose lease terms from 36 to 48 months.

Lower Payment

We all love lower payments.  When you lease, all you pay for is the ‘use’ of the vehicle.  When you purchase, you own the ‘entire’ vehicle up front.  Since you only use a small amount of the vehicle each week as you drive, a lease payment reflects it.   Because Toyota vehicles hold their value so well over time, you pay less of the ‘use’.  We call it ‘residual value’.  It refers to how much your Toyota is going to be worth in a few years.  The higher the ‘residual value’ the lower your monthly payment.

A Nicer Toyota

We all enjoy a nice car.  When you lease, you can get a nicer Toyota for the same payment or less than when you finance.  For instance, if your finance a new Corolla CE for 72 months, the monthly payment is $338.  You could alternately lease a Corolla SE for 48 months with a monthly payment of $320.  These savings will vary depending on the current programs available from Toyota.

Need A Car for Work?

Your accountant will love this.  Another advantage of leasing is when you use your vehicle for work purposes.  The payment is consistent over the entire term of the lease, which makes it easier show on your income tax.  If you purchase that same vehicle, there is a complicated depreciation schedule that reduces the tax deduction over the life of a loan.

Reduced Maintenance Cost

When you lease every 3-4 years, you are likely to be in a new Toyota before most wear and tear items need to be replaced. We find that most customers don’t have to do brake work or replace tires during the term of their lease.  They are driving a new Toyota before that happens.

Less Money Up Front

Why tie up a lot of YOUR money, when you don’t have to?  Many Toyota lease plans require very small down payments.  You can get started driving that new Toyota of your dreams for very little money up front.

Life Happens

Don’t worry about little scuffs or dings.  Toyota offers special coverage plans that take care of all that.  Choose the coverage that works for you, then add it to your lease payment.  That way any minor dings or scratches are fixed.  It takes the worry away when you return the vehicle.

Love Your Leased Toyota?  Purchase it!

Sometimes we just can’t let go.  Some customers simply cannot part with their leased Toyota.  One of the advantages of leasing is that they can buy it at the end of the lease to keep it in the family.  Sometimes a son or daughter might need a good used car for college or work.  Purchasing your Toyota at lease end, just makes sense.