We deal with a number of quality Auto Body repair facilities that meet Toyota's standards of excellence. Ask our service personnel for a body shop near you. Remember you have the final say as to where your car is repaired, not your insurance company. Get your vehicle repaired right the first time.

Knowledge is your Best Insurance

If you have been involved in a collision, it is good to be prepared: click here.

Your Rights as a Toyota Owner

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. When they do, its important to restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. If your vehicle can't be driven, your first challenge is what to do. Fortunately, if your Toyota is within the 3 year/60,000 km. basic warranty or you have purchased Roadside Assistance coverage you simply call 1-888-TOYOTA8 (1-888-869-6828) and an approved towing company will be dispatched free of charge. If you are not covered by either of these options we understand your dilemma. As a courtesy to all Toyota owners, we invite you to call the
1-888-TOYOTA8 number and an approved towing company will be arranged on a customer pay basis.

Secondly, contact your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident. Your insurance company may try to direct you to a particular body shop to obtain an estimate and / or to do the repair. Under no circumstances are you legally obligated to go to this shop. As the vehicle owner and payer of the insurance premium it is your right to choose the collision repair facility.

Finally, make sure your insurance company knows that your expectations as a Toyota owner are that:

  1. Your vehicle be restored to its pre-accident condition using Genuine Toyota Collision Parts.
  2. The actual repairs be carried our by a Toyota Certified Collision Centre or a facility referred by your Toyota Dealer.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Since 2000, all Toyota vehicles, as part of their Basic Warranty Coverage (3 years/60,000km) have Emergency Roadside Assistance included. Just call 1‑888‑TOYOTA8 and help is on the way.

If you have purchased Emergency Roadside Assistance, you are also covered for towing from an accident. Simply call 1‑888‑TOYOTA8.

Both protection packages provide towing to your preferred Toyota Dealer within 50km. or the closest Toyota Dealer within 300km. A second tow will be provided, if necessary, to an Accident Reporting Centre.

As an added service to all Toyota owners who may not be covered for Roadside Assistance, but find themselves in need of assistance from an accident scene, a call to 1‑888‑TOYOTA8 will result in an approved towing company being provided on a customer pay basis.

To obtain additional information regarding the benefits available to you when you purchase Roadside Assistance please call us at 905-697-9555.