Extra Care Protection

We know that Toyota vehicles have a well-earned reputation for quality, reliability and longevity.  Plus, they come with an extensive standard warranty, however we also know that sometimes unexpected things happen.  To avoid surprises and to provide you with some added peace of mind, we offer Toyota Extra Care Protection.  You can choose from two different plans, either Platinum or Gold.  They are both offered in a variety of terms so we can tailor a time and distance plan that is just right for you.

Mechanical Protection

We offer protection that goes beyond the factory warranty with terms up to 7 years.  Should you need any service work under the plan, it will be provided by any of our fellow Toyota dealers located across North America.  That amounts to 1,500 dealers to support you.  Only Genuine Toyota Factory Parts will be used, while the work will be performed by Factory-Trained Toyota technicians.  We have got you covered.

Complementary Services

Depending on the plan you choose and the maintenance schedule it specifies you could get up to 8 complimentary oil and filter services, plus a tire rotation or the first 3 years Maintenance Service Program.

Enhanced Roadside Assistance

Extra Care Protection also covers you during unforeseen events that require you to access Roadside Assistance.  Under Extra Care Protection, your Roadside Assistance is extended through the entire term of your plan.  We also include Trip Interruption, Tire Road Hazard Protection and Travel Planning.

Extra Care Protection – Tire Road Hazard Warranty

For added peace-of-mind, we also offer tire road hazard coverage.  We cover your original equipment tires for up to 36 months or 50,000 km or until the treadwear indicator is visible (whichever happens first).  The warranty applies to parts, labour, installation, balancing and applicable taxes for us to repair or replace original equipment tires damaged by road hazards.

Your Trip Gets Interrupted

You can be reimbursed for hotel, meal and transportation costs up to $300 if a covered component fails while you are more than 80 km from home.

Some Help for Your Road Trip

Give us a minimum 10 days advance notice before you leave on your road trip and we can provide a travel package that includes maps, alternate routes, some accommodation suggestions, entertainment ideas and a list of Toyota dealerships located along your route.

Help with A Rental Vehicle

If your Toyota vehicle must remain at a Toyota dealership overnight because of something that is covered under warranty, that requires more than 8 hours to repair, you can receive Rental Vehicle Assistance up to $40 per day to a maximum of 5 days.  You can get an additional 5 days if the required parts are on back order.

More Questions?

We would be happy to review the entire Extra Care Protection Program with you in person.  Extra Care Protection can be tailored to your specific requirements with a variety of terms and coverages.