A Shining Star

Popped in after visiting a neighboring dealership to have a look at a car. Walked around looking for a sales guy that we had previously had a good experience with only to discover he no longer worked there. Not really needing the help as we were just starting to look at cars, we looked around briefly. On our way out we were approached by a Product Advisor named Jodie. We mentioned we were just leaving but ended up sticking around a few more minutes for a chat. Jodie was so easy to talk to and even put up with my sarcastic salesperson defense system. While we seemed to like the competitors car a little more based on initial impressions, the experience with the Product Advisor will most likely get us back in the door for another look when we start looking closer. Thank you so much Jodie for the chat, you are a shining star in what is typically a very pushy industry. Hope to see you again. Trevor and Melanie