All Star Team

I want to sincerely thank Kevin D. Bazak and Rida Haider for their help at Clarington Toyota! It’s an ALL STAR TEAM DOWN THERE!!! Ever since high school I’ve wanted to own a manual transmission Honda, so when I saw this 2012 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L with only 15,000 KM I immediately booked a test drive. Upon arrival, all COVID-19 protocols were implemented resulting in a safe & satisfying car purchase experience. My information was documented, there was hand sanitizer and personal protective equipment such as desk shields in the entire dealership. Very responsible and safe! After inspecting the car, I confirmed it was in MINT condition. Not one door ding, hood chip or even minor swirl mark on the car! ZERO rust on the car/wheel wells which is a common Honda problem for older cars. $14,500 is a STEAL! Being a Realtor, and a natural salesman myself, I STILL managed to negotiate the price through a cash purchase! When I went to pick up the car today, it was freshly detailed as if it came straight out of the Honda factory in America. Yes, this isn’t a Toyota – but Kevin and Rida reflect the highest degree of sales professionalism in the car industry. The new vehicle sales manager James Collins (good guy) was even nice enough to provide information on how contact the folks at AutoVIN for my 2017 Mini Cooper S convertible lease return in June. The funny thing is, the total cost of the 4 year lease for the Mini is almost 2 and a half times the cost of my used car purchase, but more than 5 times less reliable haha! I’ve had the engine power “cut off” during a freeway trip, and returned it to the dealer to have them “re-program” the engine when the car had less than 40,000 kms. When it gets cold (-5 or colder) – the screen doesn’t turn on. Oil changes at the dealership cost $200 -__-” I can’t wait to return the Mini and start driving my Accord. You know what they say, lease European and buy Japanese (technically Japanese/North American). Attention all Clarington Toyota employees, if you ever need to buy or sell your home – I will provide all of you a special rebate. Thank you for your essential service during this difficult time. You’ve made one of my high school dreams finally come true. All the best, Harrison 🙂