Always Smile and Say Hello

I purchased my 2007 Tundra from Clarington Toyota and have always taken my truck to this dealer only. The whole staff in this dealer ship are wonderful, they always smile and say hello. The service department staff are the people I see the most and because I drive a Toyota I am not there much, oil changes and maintenance. They always call me by name when I come through the door and make me feel as if they are glad to see me as if I were an old friend! I have read some of the other reviews and like any service department there are time glitches and you are there longer than you thought you might be, that does happen anywhere! Sure people can have a bad experience but I find in most cases the bad experience is brought on by their own poor attitude. I loved Don’s reply to one disgruntled person’s review. “Are you sure it was our dealership”. Brought a smile to my face. In closing I just want to say I would defiantly recommend this dealership and keep up the great work!