Toyota Tundra Competitive Advantages



Compare the Tundra Crewmax Platinum 5.7 L to the competition and you will quickly see the many advantages of choosing Toyota.


Not only does Tundra offer the largest displacement engine in the class it also delivers the most horsepower and torque.  When you need to do some serious towing, Tundra will get you there.

Fuel Capacity

Enjoy the added range of Tundra’s 143.8 L fuel tank.  With fewer stops between fill-ups Tundra can get the job done faster.


Turning Radius

Many situations require some tight maneuvering where a smaller turning radius is a real advantage.  Getting into those tight spaces with your boat trailer, RV or cargo hauler is that much easier at the wheel of a Tundra. A shorter turning radius can mean getting your RV in the exact right space on the campsite.

Flexible Cabin Space

Only Tundra offers a fold flat passenger seat.  When you need to carry large items inside the cab, you will appreciate the added space.  No other full-sized pick-up gives you the option.


Driver Comfort

Only the Tundra Crewmax Platinum offers a power adjustable driver seat cushion extension.  Set it up to provide additional support under your knees when driving.  For the long-haul drive, Tundra delivers more creature comforts where the other trucks fall short.

12 Volt Outlets

Only Tundra gives you a total of four 12V outlets.  No one else comes close.  You will love the added capability of plugging in a portable cooler while charging your smartphone and laptop at the same time.  When you need to hit a deadline.  Tundra has the thoughtful extras to help get it done on time.

Safety Sense Technology

Every Tundra offers Safety Sense P as Standard Equipment.  That means you get the benefit of Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Automatic High Beams, Lane Departure Alert and Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection at no extra cost.  Tundra takes pick-up truck safety to a whole new level.


Toyota Quality

Legendary Toyota quality is standard on the Tundra pick-up.  In fact, Toyota has been designing and building highly capable, rugged trucks for markets around the world for over 50 years.  This experience translates into every pick-up truck Toyota offers.


Won’t Break the Bank

When you look at the many advantages of owning a Toyota Tundra pick-up you might expect to pay more.  The truth is the exact opposite.  The Toyota Tundra 4x4 Crewmax Platinum 5.7 L enjoys a significant price advantage against competitive pick-up trucks.  Expect to pay $4 - $6,000 more for comparably equipped pick-up trucks from other manufacturers.

Resale Value

It’s a proven fact that Tundra holds its value better than virtually any other truck on the market.  You will see the difference at trade-in time where it counts.


Just Ask Any Owner

Still not sure?  Just ask any Tundra pick-up truck owner you see to get their unbiased opinion about their truck.  You will quickly find out that Tundra owners are a fiercely loyal group.  Small wonder Tundra keeps growing in popularity every year.